Illuminated Planters

Illuminated Planters / LED Flower Pots

LED-lit planters are a unique, modern garden accent. It can enhance the brightness of your outdoor space. These modern illuminated planters also provide a functional light source. A unique and interesting addition to your outdoor garden. Illuminated planters are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, including along pools and walkways, or around patios. They can illuminate pathways and highlight trees and plants.

The raw material for the planters is plastic polyethylene. This material is waterproof to ip65, so even if you water your potted plants, you don't have to worry about damaging the lighted fittings inside. Meanwhile, 15-20 years service life is also a great feature of Huajun led light-emitting planter. You don't need to worry about discolouration or breakage of the planter when you use it outdoors. Try to light up your life with innovative led illuminated planters.

Huajun Lighting Factory produces illuminated flower pots for customers from all over the world. We support customisation in order to meet the needs of our customers.

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What is an illuminated flowerpot

LED flowerpots with lighting are an emerging type of outdoor garden decoration. It has the function and appearance of a flowerpot. Internally equipped with LED light panel. These modern illuminated flower pots provide a functional light source. It can effectively enhance the aesthetics and brightness of the space. Flower pot lights can help illuminate the courtyard path. Comfortable LED lights gently illuminate plants. Under the luxurious dim light, one can better appreciate the beauty of the garden. Simultaneously creating a relaxed atmosphere.

1, home use, such as garden, courtyard, family bar, living room, etc. 

2. Entertainment, such as bars, nightclubs, KTV, disco, bistro, tavern, salon, SPA, swimming pool, cabaret, etc. 

3. Catering, such as hotels, restaurants, teahouses, cafes, etc. 

4. Parties and events such as birthdays, dances, holiday decorations, Christmas decorations, concerts, weddings, company events, etc.

Good lighting effect

The led light-emitting planter can emit light in 360°without dead angle. It can also be used to illuminate potted plants. This is especially useful if the potted plants are placed in a dark part of the room. In the dark night, it can be used to create a good lighting effect.


Illuminated planters can not only be used as a source of ambient light, they can also be used to grow plants as normal. Thanks to the customisable size, they can accommodate many plants. With their various shapes, the planters can create a nice green area in your garden or on your balcony.


The led light discs inside the planter can be easily set to display different colours through the app. Among them, the 16-colour RGB style planter is widely popular. Add a romantic touch to your garden during the long summer nights with the LED planter.


Couldn’t find what you looking for?

Generally, there are stocks of common illuminated planters or raw materials in our warehouse. But if you have special demand, we also provide customization service. We also accept OEM/ODM. We could print your logo or brand name on flower pot.

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Best Selling led Illuminated Planters

Instructions:  Inside RGB LEDs,16 colors change by remote ( with battey,with charger )



Packing size(cm):HJ302I:32*32*32;HJ92930C:77*32*32


HJ302I:6RGB+6W LEDS,DC4V 4.8W,Battery 3.7V1200ma,charger AC110-220V/DC4.2V 1A

HJ92930C:12RGB+12W LEDS,DC4V 4.8W,Battery 3.7V 2200ma,charger AC110-220V/DC4.2V 0.5A

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Instructions: Inside White or Warm white LEDS ( without battey,with Driver  )

Item:HJ 30303H/HJ 30303I/HJ 30303N


Packing size(cm):32*32*23/32*42*23/32*77*23


DC12V 9W. Driver DC 12V 1A 

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Instructions:  Inside RGB LEDs,16 colors change by remote ( with battery, with charger )

Item:  BR300G1/BR300W1


Packing size(cm):BR300G1:40*40*98;BR300W1:32*32*76


BR300G1:24RGB+12W LEDS,DC4V 7.2W,Battery 3.7V 4400ma,charger AC110-220V/DC4.2V 1A

BR300W1:12RGB+12W LEDS,DC4V 4.8W,Battery 3.7V 2200ma,charger AC110-220V/DC4.2V 0.5A

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Instructions:  Inside White or Warm white LEDs ( without battery,with Driver )

Item:BR 30303F\BR 30303G\BR 30303H

Size(cm):BR 30303F:30*30*75;BR 30303G:30*30*36;BR 30303H:40*40*46

Packing size(cm):BR 30303F:32*32*77;BR 30303G:32*32*38;BR 30303H:42*42*48

INFO:  DC12V 9W. Driver DC 12V 1A

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Packing size(cm):BR300J2A:41*41*75;BR300J2B:41*41*104


BR300J2A:12RGB+12W LEDS,DC4V 4.8W,Battery 3.7V 2200ma,charger AC110-220V/DC4.2V 0.5A

BR300J2B:24RGB+12W LEDS,DC4V 7.2W,Battery 3.7V 4400ma,charger AC110-220V/DC4.2V 1A

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The Value of Illustrated Plants

All products of Huajun Lighting Factory are manufactured with advanced technology. Whether it is raw materials or accessories, they all come with a 2-year quality guarantee. led planters incorporate the most modern and minimalist design. The size, appearance and colour of the planter can be changed. We have professional designer team. We support the customisation of led lighted flower pots.

Material:  Imported PE material, the processing is rotational molding, so the shell is uniform and has good light guiding performance.

Remote Control:  Pocket-sized remote control for your convenience. You can control various scene modes (remote control/App control/touch control) from your smartphone.

Lighting: 16 different colors that illuminate the entire garden to create a glowing effect. 4 lighting effects include Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth

Waterproof: No problem for outdoor use, IP65 waterproof and damage resistant

Battery:  Li-ion battery (3.7V) is rechargeable, battery life: 6-8 hours, charging time: 3-4 hours. Depending on the product, batteries range from a smaller 600mAh to a larger 4400mAh.

Strong and waterproof:  Fully waterproof, shockproof, sturdy polyethylene design, cool to the touch, and doesn't get hot; can be used anywhere, inside or out.

Other Uses:  LED flower pots can be used in a variety of ways, and some of the larger ones double as fantastic ice buckets. It can also double as a desk lamp. It's perfect for a BBQ, bar or nightclub!

Colorful Led Plastic Flower Pots

Huajun Furniture Decoration Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier and manufacturer of wholesale Illuminated Planters from China, offering its amazing custom service and discounted prices at global levels. Huajun has 17 years of production experience and is one of the top LED flower pot manufacturers in China. It has been certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, BSCI, UL, etc.

All our products are widely recognized all over the world. We have a huge customer base, including plant enthusiasts, gardeners and industry experts all over Europe, America and Asia. We have a huge warehouse capacity to systematically store various manufactured illuminated planters.

If you want to buy led outdoor planters, please contact us, we are ready to provide you with a quote,And shipped directly from the factory to your country.

One-stop Design & Manufacturing Solutions

Thousands of Existing Size Save Your Cost Efficiently

Fast Shipment with Super High-Quality Products

A Verified Supplier with Perfect After-sales Service

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Why Choose Us As Your Illuminated Planters Supplier In China

Huajun is an illuminated planters manufacturer in China, established in 2005, specializing in LED flowerpots. The company covers an area of 9000 square meters and employs about 92 people. We make illuminated planters for customers from all over the world. In order to meet customer needs, we support customization. 

Best Quality.  We have rich experience in the manufacture, design, and application of illuminated planters, and served more than 210 customers worldwide.

Competitive Price.  we have an absolute advantage in the cost of raw materials. Under the same quality, our price is generally 10%-30% lower than the market.

After-sale service.  We provide a 2/3/5 years guarantee policy. And all costs will be on our account within guarantee periods if issues are caused by us.

Fast Delivery time.  We have the best shipping forwarder, available to do Shipping by Air express, sea, and even door-to-door service.

Custom:  OEM/ ODM/ SKD order acceptable.

Illuminated-Planters-certification (1)
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Your Illuminated Planters Supplier

CE & RoSH Audited Illuminated Planters

HUAJUN, a professional Illuminated Planters manufacturer, has been approved by CE and RoHS certifications.

Manufacture Test Certificate

We will issue a testing certificate for each order before shipment. Make sure to the Illuminated Planters to meet chemical composition standards and performance standards.

0% Quality Complaint

HUAJUN has an advanced in-house quality testing lab, QC inspection team, 100% inspected Illuminated Planters before shipment, Guarantee the product quality, and eliminates your concerns.

Fast Delivery

HUAJUN keeps stable delivery time 25 days or less. We have sets of production equipment and testing system that ensure your delivery date. Even in peak season, we can catch the delivery time. There will be no delay.

Glowing Flower Pot Video Area

Have a Special Requirement?

We accept OEM/ODM. We could print your Logo or brand name on flower pot body. For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:


Please tell us requirements for size; IP Grade; and if need to add extra function such as weight, battery powered, or plugged in ; one color transform or multiple color transforms etc.


No MOQ limit. But for the Max quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. More quantity ordered, the lower price you could get.


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an led flowerpot?

An led flowerpot is a planter pot that has built-in LED lights. The lights are usually placed at the bottom of the pot and illuminate the plant from the bottom up. The result is a stunning glowing effect that can transform any space.

2. How do I use an led flowerpot?

Using an led flowerpot is straightforward. Simply add soil or plant directly into the pot, water your plant as needed, and turn on the LED lights. The lights will provide the necessary light for your plant to grow and thrive while also creating a beautiful ambiance in the room.


3. Are led flowerpots waterproof?

Most led flowerpots are designed to be waterproof to some extent, and many are made from materials that can withstand water exposure. However, it is always best to check the product description or user manual to ensure that you are using the pot correctly, especially if you plan to use it outside.



4.When can I get the price?

We usually make an offer within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry.

If you are very anxious to get a price, please call us.

We hope you can provide specific types of pictures so that you can get a more accurate quote.

5.Can I order a sample?

Yes, we offer sample service. Please note that we charge for our samples, however, we can offer a full refund (minus shipping charges) if the samples are returned to us.

6.Can you design for us?

Yes! We have a professional team with rich experience in product design and manufacturing. We can design and manufacture products according to your ideas. In addition, we provide OEM or ODM services.

7.Do you offer any discount?

Yes, we can offer a discount. In addition, we may offer special discounts for large orders. If you have any questions, please contact us.

8.How long does delivery take?

It usually takes 7-12 days, give me the address and I will help you calculate the freight and arrival time

9.Are there any MOQ limit for Led Flower Pot order?

Low MOQ, 50pcs for sample checking is available.

10.Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

We have professional enough engineers who have worked in the field of led for over 15 years, and any led related products could be made after your specification is forwarded to us. Highly trained operators make sure our products are 100% good quality.

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